Jobs At Non-Profit & Other Organizations

Non-profit organizations are often charities or service organizations.  They may be organized as "not-for-profit corporations", "trusts", or "cooperatives" or they may be purely informal.  Sometime they are also called "foundations", or "endowments" that have large equity funds.  Most foundations give out grants to other not-for-profit organizations or fellowships to individuals.  However, the name foundation may be used by any not-for-profit corporation --- even volunteer organizations or grass roots groups.  A non-profit organization may be a very loosely organized group such as a block association or trade union, or it may be a complex structure such as a university, hospital, documentary film production company or educational book publisher.

There are literally thousands of non-profit organizations.  Please be sure to check back often.

American Diabetes Association
Care USA

American Heart Association
American Cancer Society